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Rantings and Ramblings
On our way back from dinner tonight, we stumbled upon some local fire spinners at work (play, really). I happened to have my camera handy and snapped a few shots. I'll be back soon to shoot some more with my favorite lens.

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Purrfect Holiday Cheer
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Those of you who know me well know that summer is my favorite time of year. Each fall, I get all nostalgic for the warm breezes and soothing sunshine. And each year, it seems... I start going through unpublished photos from my summer as I attempt to relive those moments- even though I may be sipping hot cocoa and wearing bulky socks at the time.

Tonight, I found this in my stash of images from this past August.    Oh, Idaho. How you have captured my heart.

Prairie Below, Heaven Above

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I took Sami and her best friend, Sally to the park on Sunday to enjoy the warm afternoon and fire off a few photos. I'm really working hard to learn about lighting and how to control and manipulate light. I am doing better with bringing light, but as is evident in Sally's photo, I need to learn to take it away.  I am pretty psyched to be able to attend a one day workshop in November, where I hope to get some answers to my lighting questions.   Heaven knows, I need the help.

Sami (who turned seventeen three days before this was shot):
Sami at Seventeen

And, Sally:

I hope to get out and shoot more soon. I need to rustle up new models. I'm sure I'm wearing out my welcome with these two. :)

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This past weekend was insane! Went to see Jason Webley and friends on the Monsters of Accordion tour on Friday night, fireworks and Creedence Clearwater Revisited on Saturday evening, hot air balloon launch at dawn on Sunday. The nooks and crannies were packed, too- it seems we were doing something every minute of each day. All in all, it was fantastic!

The girls (Sami and BFF, Sally) and I spent some time in an Albany alleyway after the balloons were off the ground and on their way. We opted for a few impromptu photos in one of my favorite locations. Lighting was strange and I wasn't prepared, but we had fun anyway.

I haven't shot much at all in the past year. This past weekend alone, I shot over 2100 photographs. (Granted, there was a fair amount of bracketing.) It felt great to be out there again. I'm looking forward to more. :)

Here are a few from our alley adventure:


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Spent today home, sick. I was supposed to have today off work (vacation day), so at least I didn't have that guilt hanging over me. But still, I hate wasting away like that- curled up on the sofa, with a pillow over my face, and suffering from migraine headache. Crud.

I've been going through old photos lately and found this one from March. Poor Sami had mono when this was taken. It was shot during one of the two days in late March when she felt better. She faded again shortly after.

I realized then that I wasn’t being followed. I was being herded.

About the image:
While on our (extraordinarily brief) spring break trip to Olympic National Park, we stopped in St. Helens, OR to stretch our legs. St. Helens is a small community along the Columbia River and features a quaint little downtown area.

This shot of Sami was made in the same alleyway where Kristen Stewart's "Bella" was being chased in the movie "Twilight". In fact, much of the film was made here.
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Highly irritated.
Someone paintballed my patio door. 

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OK, so last fall/winter was busy, but all that was work-related. I really didn't get any chance to enjoy life. Well, this year is much different. Rather than write numerous separate posts, I'll share it all at one time here, behind the cut.

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   I spent mine with my family (minus my brother, Scott who couldn't be with us today.) and my daughter's best friend, Sally.    We had a great day.  


I documented much of the day in pictures.  Most can be seen on my regular blog.   If you have a few moments, pop on over and you'll better understand why I love my family so much. :-)



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I've been somewhat inactive, dead-to-the-world, offline, difficult to reach...  well, you get the idea.   Primarily because I have been sick.  Sami's boyfriend was over this weekend and I just hope I didn't share this with him.   For a head cold, this thing has got me DOWN.


So, if I owed you any correspondence or anything else for that matter, please be patient with me.   I'll be back soon.  And I won't be staggering around high on cold meds.  (Unless that's what you are into , in which case I might make an exception. :-)  )

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